Bolt EV charging Point

✔️ Voltage: 220V Current: 16A Power Rating: 3.3kW ✔️ Charge any EV just by scanning QR code ✔️ Make charger public and earn extra income ✔️ Bluetooth communication Click here to Install Bolt Mobile App
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₹ 4,100.00

Join the Revolution - BOLT Charging Network

1. Turn ON/OFF your BOLT charging point to Public/Private use at any given point in time.

2. Earn passive income by making your BOLT available for Public use

3. 1Hr of charging on BOLT is good-to-go for a day commute

4. Regular track on the Energy Consumption

5. Largest P2P charging network

6. Contributing to Greener and Sustainable living

7. Contributing to EV revolution and infrastructure