EVcharZ 72V 10Amp Cutoff 84V Electric Scooter Lithium Battery Charger

✔️1 Year Warranty and best price offer ✔️For 72V Lithium battery NMC and LFP ✔️0% 25% 50% 75% 100% charging led
Brand: EVcharZ
₹ 5,200.00

EVcharZ Electric scooter 72V 10Amp Lithium Ion Battery charger Indian brand. SPECIFICATIONS: ✔️ Usage :E-Bike ✔️ Output Current & Peak : 10 Amp ✔️ Robust for Indian conditions ✔️Display Red light when the charging is On and Green light when charging is full. ✔️Short circuit protection, ✔️Over voltage protection. ✔️Over charging protection BATTERY SPECIFICATIONS: ✔️ 72V 20S 18650 Cell. acid battery ✔️20AH - 60AH BENIFITS: 🚵🏻 6 months warranty MODEL: 📦 HERO ELECTRIC PHOTON, OKINAWA, AMPERE , PUREEV, ATHER, REVOLT EBIKES ETC NOTE: ❌ Away from water and heat